Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Padres September Call-Ups

Here is a quick look at players the Padres will likely call up in September.

Been to the bigs before:

Radhames Liz
Luis Perdomo
Cesar Ramos
Adam Russell
Ryan Webb
Dusty Ryan
Luis Durango

The only players I could see coming up that are not currently on the Padres 40 man roster are:
Cory Luebke
Mike Baxter

Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 Padres Draft: Revisited

Now that all the signings are done, I wanted to take a brief visit back to this years draft class and re-grade.

Obviously, not siging Whitson was a major disapointment. With the Padres getting first round compensation in next years deep draft, this failed signing is not the end of the world.

An early look at the top 10:
1) Whitson - Failed to sign.
2) Gyorko - Already promoted to Fort Wayne and hitting well. I think this was a very safe pick for the Padres. Gyorko, if he develops league average defense, could become an everday good hitting 2B.
3) Cates - Glad to see him signed. New to pitching but apparantly learns quick and has some nice upside. Risky pick but could pay off as a late inning relief/closer type.
4) Bisson - Not happy with this pick, very little upside. I think he is just emergency defensive help with the hope that maybe he develops some hitting. Reminds me of Beamer Weems.
5) Rico Noel - Not sold on Noel. I hear he has some upside. Possible project pick.
6) John Barbato - Good to see we got one high school picther signed. Also a project but with some high upside, could develop into middle of the rotation starter.
7) Vanegas - Failed to sign.
8) Jose Dore - Another high schooler drafted in the top 10. If he develops power, Dore could be a steal.
9) Joshua Spence - I liked this pick a lot for the 9th round. Slipped because of previous injury. Excellent command, could develop into a back of the rotation starter.
10) Houston Slemp - Early returns in the minors not good.

Overall, I like the idea of drafting high upside high schoolers. I would like to see the Padres sign more of them.

Post signing grade: C

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Padres Future: OF

This is the first in a 6 part series.

Padres current OF mix:
Ludwick, Gwynn, S Hairston, Venable, Denorfia, Stairs

2011 outlook

Ludwick should be back in the mix even if he costs $9 million through arbitration. Personally, I think the Padres should try and sign him to a 3/$30 type of deal. As long as Gwynn continues to play stellar defense, I see him returning as part of the rotation. I don't think the Padres will need to pay Scott Hairston several million when they have other options. Venable will likely be back unless they trade him in the offseason. Venable is actually a bargain until he enters his arbitration years. The Padres would be smart to bring back Denorfia. Stairs should be gone.
This leaves the Padres with potentially 2 openings in the outfield. The Padres have several options in the Minors. If Blanks is healthy he will likely be 1 of those openings. At AAA the Padres have Durango and Cunningham ready to have another cup of coffee. Baxter and Hunter sure look ready. My gut tells me that Cunningham will be the guy. I think Hunter or Durango could get moved in the offseason for some pitching. The 2011 outfield will look something like:
Ludwick, Gwynn, Venable, Denorfia, Cunningham, Blanks(Durango if Blanks is not healthy)
This outfield mix would be above average defensively and provide a good mix of speed and some power.

2012-2013 outlook

The only player from my projected 2011 outfield that would not be under club control is Ludwick. I hope the Padres can sign him to an extension but I don't count on that. Gwynn could still be around for a reasonable salary, but only if he can improve his OBP while maintaining his high level of defense. I don't see Venable around this long unless he can also improve on the OBP. Denorfia will likely be gone. Cunningham and Blanks are the most likely to still be around. For Blanks the question will be: at what position? Farm system players likely to be in the mix include: Durango, Baxter, Hunter, Tekotte, Carroll, Robertson, and Jaff Decker. 2-3 years from now could see an outfield of the following:
Cunningham, Blanks, Tekotte, Decker, Durango, Hunter
This outfield mix doesn't provide the defense of the current one, but would still have speed and some nice power potential.
My Ideal outfield for the 2012-2013 would substitute Ludwick(or similarly aquired FA) for Hunter.

There you have it, a look at the next 3 years of the Padres outfield.