Monday, September 26, 2011

Padres Prospects Update

On my last look at the Padres farm system, I may have left off several players that at the time were not prospects, not signed yet, or I just did not consider them prospects at the time.

Here are some additional Padres prospects to keep an eye on:


Robbie Erlin P - A great pick up for the Padres. He doesn't walk anyone and has an advanced feel for the game for a 20 year old. Could make a nice 2/3 caliber starting pitcher soon.

Jospeph Wieland P - Will likely be linked to Erlin for a long time. Another good pick up and a player with advanced feel and amazing control. A solid bet to be a middle of the rotation pitcher in the big leagues.


Nick Schmidt P - Every once in a while a forgotten prospect re-emerges and makes a name for himself. I imagine there is a lot of internal debate on whether or not to find a 40 man roster spot for Schmidt, so they don't potentially lose him to the rule V draft.

Andrew Werner P - Dominated A ball as a 24 year old. Viewed as organizational filler, but stranger things can happen. AA should tell us more.


Mark Hardy P - Like Werner, we need to see more at an advanced level. 23 and dominating A ball is a good start though.

Kevin Quackenbush P - Has completely dominated at each stop. This recent draftee could find himself fastracked like Spence was.

Connor Powers 1B - Had a breakout year in Fort Wayne. Stuck behind a bunch of 1B with similar abilities.

Rico Noel CF - With Maybin and Tekotte, it's hard to imagine Noel will ever get a real shot with the Padres. He showed improvement this year and can steal bases.


Matt Andriese P - Vey good debut out of the Northwest League.

Matthew Stites P - I think the Padres did well to draft him where they did. Could make a decent middle reliever some day for the Padres.

Austin Hedges C - Could be the steal of the draft. He is Major League ready defensively. I think he will move faster than others believe.

Duanel Jones 3B - Raw power and a project with upside.

Jace Peterson SS - Slow start, but I think he will have a breakout year in 2012.

Alberth Martinez OF - Another latin find for the Padres. Great American debut this year.

Rookie -

Joseph Ross P- I hear he has great mechanics.

Rodney Daal C - A young raw project.

Yoan Alcantra OF - Has a long ways to go, but like Martinez off to a great American start.

There are several other possible prospects I have not mentioned, most of whom just need to prove they can perform above rookie ball.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


With the winding down of the minor league season, it is time to take a second look at the Padres 2011 draft haul.

This draft may turn out to be a great draft for the Padres. They were able to sign all but 1 of their high profile draftees. Brett Austin turned down a reported $1.5 million and decided to go to school. What can you do? Overall, I am very pleased they were able to sign Kelly, Ross, and Hedges. Hedges may turn out to be the steal of the entire draft, as he is already major league ready behind the plate. Whether or not he can hit enough at the big league level will be the deciding factor in his future with the Padres.

Early returns on Spange and Peterson are good. Several of the college pitchers are doing great. Most noticeable is Kevin Quackenbush. His ERA is under 1 to start his pro career. Having already moved up to Fort Wayne, he could end up in the Majors next season ala Josh Spence. Others, including Stites, Pope, Andriese, and Hebner have looked good early on.

Overall, I feel confidant in my original grade on this draft. The Padres get an A.