Saturday, September 3, 2011


With the winding down of the minor league season, it is time to take a second look at the Padres 2011 draft haul.

This draft may turn out to be a great draft for the Padres. They were able to sign all but 1 of their high profile draftees. Brett Austin turned down a reported $1.5 million and decided to go to school. What can you do? Overall, I am very pleased they were able to sign Kelly, Ross, and Hedges. Hedges may turn out to be the steal of the entire draft, as he is already major league ready behind the plate. Whether or not he can hit enough at the big league level will be the deciding factor in his future with the Padres.

Early returns on Spange and Peterson are good. Several of the college pitchers are doing great. Most noticeable is Kevin Quackenbush. His ERA is under 1 to start his pro career. Having already moved up to Fort Wayne, he could end up in the Majors next season ala Josh Spence. Others, including Stites, Pope, Andriese, and Hebner have looked good early on.

Overall, I feel confidant in my original grade on this draft. The Padres get an A.

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