Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughts on the 2010 Padres Draft

Coming into the 2010 draft I was hoping the Padres would go heavy on high-upside high school talent. I was looking for an emphasis on top of the rotation pitching, catching, and always coveted middle infield.

The Padres did well in the high-upside pitching department with Whitson, Cates, Barbato, and Vanegas. They failed miserably to upgrade the farm system at the catching position. The good news is the catching farm hands seem to be producing better offensively this season.

The 2010 draft saw the Padres take a lot of speedsters. I get that the ballpark favors speed; but, I was hoping for more high upside hitting talent. As I see it, the Padres have plenty of major league average "safe" hitters in their system. Tekkote, Cunningham, Carroll, Robertson... just to name a few could turn out to be ok everyday or part time Major Leaguers. I would like to see a little more chance in their drafting.

Overall, I give this draft a B.

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