Friday, July 23, 2010

2010 Trade Deadline - Needs

The 2010 trade deadline is fast approaching. In this post I will explore the Padres needs, who is available, the cost, and the realities.
What are the Padres needs?

1) Starting pitcher
IMO, the Padres need a front line starting pitcher that can eat innings. They seem to be set that Latos will be limited in his innings this season. This poses a problem. Latos has been our most effective starting pitcher this season. We need him healthy and pitching in September. A front line starting pitcher will allow the Padres to limit Latos innings and possibly could contribute in the postseason.

2) Outfield bat
If the Padres starting pitching continues to regress, the offense will be under increasing pressure to produce runs. The outfield has been awful offensively. The recent call ups of Denorfia and Cunningham have helped. IMO, the Padres need 1 outfield offensive upgrade. Preferably a guy that can hit righties and hit somewhere in the 3-4-5 slots in the lineups. Ideally, the Padres need a guy they can count on to produce an OBPS in the .750 to .900 range.

3) Infield depth
With Eckstein out, the Padres will need an infielder, preferably a guy that can produce an OBPS in the range of .700 to .850, while playing multiple infield positions.

The right three players could put the Padres in the driver seat for the National League Pennant. Despite Padres brass making statements about having money to buy, I remain skeptical as to whether or not the Padres will make moves that are more than "marginal". I could see them getting Westbrook and Jed Lowrie and calling it quits. Would be nice if they could get Haren, Tejada, and Dejesus(assuming they believe he will be healthy enough); but, I just don't see it happening. Next, I will take a look at the teams that may be sellers and who the Padres might want from those teams.

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