Saturday, July 31, 2010

Padres Aquire Ludwick for Prospects

Finally, a move was made that shows real commitment from the organization. This is not a marginal move. The Padres had nobody in the OF that could hit righties. They gave up what I consider to be 2 C prospects. Kluber may become a 4-5 starter and Greenwood probably ends up in middle relief if he makes the majors. If asked what I would consider giving up to aquire Ludwick I would have been ok with a B prospect and a ML ready relief pitcher, so I think the Padres are getting a good deal. In an earlier post I described OF help needing to:
1) hit righties
2) OBPS .750 to .900
3) Bat in the 3-4-5 slots
All three are accomplished and Ludwick is not a liability on defense

I just hope they do not send Denorfia down. They should send down Cabrera or Venable, or cut Stairs.

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